Meet Evergreen Life and My Top 3 Kids Summer Art Supplies!


Welcome to a catch-all for all things art and lifestyle! I have always wanted to create a blog and am finally taking the leap. I am looking forward to connecting in a new way and sharing parts of my life outside of the studio.

Let’s dive right in! Here are my top 3 summer art supplies for kids..and pretty fun for parents too!

1. Testors Spray Chalk

Don’t get me wrong, I love regular chalk sticks, but this is a fun twist and less messy than the real deal. Another fun use for these is glass application. Kids could spray on the exterior of patio doors and create summer designs that washes of easily with water or when it rains.


2. Acrylic Paint Pens

These paint pens can be used on so many different surfaces! Grab some rocks from the yard, give new life to an old t-shirt, the possibilities are endless and again, not messy!


3. Air Dry Clay Kit

Air dry clay kits like this one are a great way for kids to sculpt over the summer. This cool kit even comes with some tools and accessories for keychains, necklaces, and a ring which could make great gifts for summer birthday parties!


All of these products are affordable and a great way to keep creative kids busy over the summer!



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